Ready to grow a hungry audience of 10k fans, get paid to write, reach more people with your books, and position yourself to be more enticing to publishers?

A Predictable Path From Visitor To Reader

Brick-and-Mortar bookstores guide buyers through a predictable path from the moment a reader enters the store until they are standing at the checkout counter.

Does your marketing plan do the same?


(or are you losing impact and leaving readers – and money – on the table?)

What authors experience with the Readers On Demand Worskshop

“My attitude toward my writing has changed. I don’t doubt myself and make excuses anymore. I don’t feel like a failure anymore. I feel energized and motivated to keep taking the next step. I used to think anyone could write and publish a picture book – well, sure, they can, but they don’t. I’m actually doing it! I like having steps to follow and I like to have a process to trust so I don’t get overwhelmed. Thank you, Carissa!”

- Jennifer L.

“Readers On Demand ended up being the missing piece in my life (not just with my writing and marketing.) Within two weeks of working with RODW and doing exactly what Carissa said, I realized I’d found it. My whole mindset on myself, my worth, my work, and my focus has shifted. To say that literally, everything has changed understates it. What I’ve done isn’t just affecting my career. It’s affecting my entire life. ” 

- Katie C.

Carissa’s coaching and RODW  changed my outlook on life in a way that I did not understand was possible. I didn’t know what to expect from coaching, and I was nervous making such a big investment, especially with someone I barely knew. I am so grateful I went with my gut and joined. Both Carissa and RODW far exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend her or her program highly enough.”

- C. Copley

Meet Carissa…

After working with Carissa most authors talk about the changes in their confidence and mindset. By putting an end to their self-doubt and implementing the Readers On Demand Workshop marketing system, these authors have not only achieved life-changing internal transformation, but they’ve accomplished A-MAZING external success as well. Here’s what authors across a variety of genres have achieved as a result of RODW:

✓   Requests to be a keynote speaker at major conferences in the U.S.

✓   Earning over $11,000 in book royalties in one month

✓   Adding an additional 10k-12k ideal readers in one year to their email list

✓   Gaining greater attention from nationally recognized agents

✓   Optioning request to buy film rights for books

✓   Higher book advances and better contracts with traditional publishers

✓   #1 New Release Winner on Amazon

✓   Successful Self-Publishing & Hybrid Careers

✓   Increase in coaching clients for Non-Fiction Authors, while consistently raising program rates

✓   Exceeding 6-figures in business revenue within first year through high-ticket services that complement books

✓   Maximizing their reach, influence, and impact in order to further spread their message

✓   Higher quality launch teams, rave reviews, and feedback from readers of how their lives have been positively changed

✓   Reducing time spent each week spent on marketing efforts by 70-80% (going from 20 hours/week to 2-5 hours/week)